How much do I need to undress to receive a massage?  While most massage techniques are traditionally performed with the client unclothed, you always have the choice to decide the amount of clothing to wear for your own comfort. You will be properly draped during the entire session.

Will the massage therapist be present when I undress?  The massage therapist will leave the room prior to you undressing.  Once you have undressed, relax onto the table and cover yourself with the top sheet.  The therapist will knock before entering.

Will I be covered during the session?  You will be properly draped at all times to keep you warm and comfortable.  Proper draping techniques maintain personal boundaries and ensure your modesty and privacy at all times.

What parts of my body will be massaged?  Prior to the massage, you and your massage therapist will discuss the desired goals of your session. This will help determine which parts of your body require massage. A typical full-body session includes work on your back, arms, legs, neck, and shoulders.

What should I do during the massage?  Most importantly, you should relax and make yourself comfortable.  Often, people close their eyes and enjoy the experience. Others like to talk during their session.  As a client-centered practitioner, you are welcome to do what feels right for you.  If you have questions about massage in general or the techniques being used, please feel free to ask.  Feedback on pressure and speed of hand movement is always welcomed and appreciated.

Relax. Relieve. Restore.