What’s New? What’s the Same?

What’s New?

A new location! Rebecca Mayfield Massage is back in Old Town and couldn’t be happier! You can find me at Dalton Wharf Suites 105 Oronoco Street. There is a designated client parking lot you may use when you enter from N. Lee and Oronoco. As always, I will meet you in the front lobby before every appointment.

No Tipping! Yes, you read that correctly: no tipping. I have adopted a no-tipping policy. Tipping can be awkward, confusing, stressful, and is counter to my philosophy that massage is more than a luxury. So, keep your cash in your pocket. Once you have paid for the massage, you have paid for the massage.

What’s the Same?

My client-centered approach. You still know better about your body than I do! I’ll listen. I’ll ask questions. I’ll work with you to create a treatment plan and be a catalyst in your health, wellness, and healing.

Schedule yourself online or let me schedule you. Scheduling a massage should not stress you out! Just like before, you are welcome to schedule yourself via my MassageBook scheduling site, the MassageBook app, or reach out and I’ll get you scheduled.