“Rebecca is by far the best massage therapist I’ve ever had and I’ve been seeing massage therapists for over a decade. She came to our first meeting with a printed out diagram of the muscles where I was feeling pain and notes about what the cause could be. She explained what she was doing and why throughout the massage. In one session she made further progress on my issue than months of other costly treatments. My issue was serious, too – I was losing feeling in my limbs and worried I might not get it back. She addressed both the physical and the emotional aspects of massage. I can’t overstate how positive an experience I had.”

“Rebecca has exceeded my every expectation in the care she has taken in working out my laundry list of ‘kinks’. I leave my massages feeling refreshed, energized and confident that my body will adjust to its ‘normal self’ once again.”

“Rebecca has a lovely, calming presence and is very in tune to my mental and physical needs! I am grateful for the massage package pricing as I feel the regular massage therapy compliments my vinyasa practice. My quality of life has greatly improved! Thank you Rebecca!!”

“I went to see Becky at Rebecca Mayfield Massage and left a new man. I came in with a stiff neck and lower back pain. I went home without either and slept like a baby that night. This was the best massage I have ever received and I have already rebooked!”

“My massage sessions with Rebecca have been, hands down, the best experiences I have had working with a massage therapist. Her attention to detail and collaborative clinical approach is so refreshing – I feel like an active participant in my wellness program rather than a passive consumer. Rebecca is intuitive and deeply empathetic, she knows exactly how, and when to engage me in a session, checking in periodically, and also when to lean into the silence with me. In working with her I can tell she genuinely cares about my long-term physical health, my experience in her hands, and my life more generally. I have sent several family members to her of different ages and life stages (my sister in law saw Rebecca throughout her pregnancy and is even credited with helping to kickstart her successful labor!) and all have reported nothing short of fantastic, memorable, and healing experiences. Rebecca possesses a unique combination of masterful clinical skills and a genuine, caring friendliness. I’m very glad to have found her.”

“Rebecca’s massage made it like the in-laws never happened this weekend.”

“I highly recommend Rebecca Mayfield as a massage therapist!  Rebecca is the consummate professional massage therapist. I sought Rebecca’s assistance because I have a family history of total hip replacements and I was concerned that the shooting pains in my hips and legs indicated that I was on a path towards surgery. Rebecca listened to my needs, analyzed how to address those needs, established targeted plans, and after each therapy session, revisits my requests to ensure that her actions have reduced pain and improved my sense of well-being. Today, I rarely experience pains anywhere close to those I faced a year ago; Rebecca’s skills are allowing me to continue enjoying my active lifestyle.  None of the dozens of massage professionals I’ve visited in the past accomplished what Rebecca has; in short, Rebecca is the best!

“This review is actually long over due but will serve as an enduring testimony. I saw Rebecca about 2 years ago with a very sore knee joint that was actually swollen. I lived with the condition for more than a year before I saw her. Rebecca immediately diagnosed the issue as something related to my hip alignment and treated the issue accordingly. The very next day the soreness was gone and a week later so was the swelling. Now two years later, I remain pain free. I have moved from the area but have instructed other therapists based on Rebecca’ treatment to avoid new swelling or pain. So far so good!”


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